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Looking for Ring Size Chart / Ring size guide ? At itfaq Moissanite Collection we perfectly understand that while shopping for a ring online you might be concerned about ring size. Or if the Ring doesn’t fit well or that you get the size wrong. You shouldn’t, we are here for you. We have the Ring Size Chart to help you to determine the correct size. And if the ring you buy from us does not fit, we will exchange it to any size you want for free. Therefore relax, and find your ring with a peace of mind. Our Ring size Guide is accurate to international standards.

Use Either Method 1 or Method 2 Below to determine your ring size

Method 1:

Method 2:


Now follow the ring size chart below to determine your size with the measurements taken from above mentioned methods. For example, if your measurement taken from method 1 (circumference) is 57mm or 2.24 inch , your size would be US 8 or Pakistan size 17-18. (For best experience of our ring size guide use mobile in landscape mode)

US 3.04-544.2mm-1.74inch14.07mm-0.554inch
US 3.5645.5mm-1.79inch14.48mm-0.570inch
US 4.0746.8mm-1.84inch14.88mm-0.586inch
US 4.5848mm-1.89inch15.29mm-0.602inch
US 5.09-1049.3mm-1.94inch15.70mm-0.618inch
US 5.51150.6mm-1.99inch16.10mm-0.634inch
US 6.01251.9mm-2.04inch16.51mm-0.650inch
US 6.51353.1mm-2.09inch16.92mm-0.666inch
US 7.014-1554.4mm-2.14inch17.32mm-0.682inch
US 7.51655.7mm-2.19inch17.73mm-0.689inch
US 8.017-1857mm-2.24inch18.14mm-0.714inch
US 8.51958.3mm-2.29inch18.54mm-0.730inch
US 9.02059.5mm-2.34inch18.95mm-0.746inch
US 9.52160.8mm-2.39inch19.35mm-0.762inch
US 1022-2362.1mm-2.44inch19.76mm-0.778inch
US 10.52463.4mm-2.49inch20.17mm-0.794inch
US 112564.4mm-2.54inch20.57mm-0.810inch
US 11.52665.9mm-2.59inch20.98mm-0.826inch
US 1227-2866.6mm-2.65inch21.39mm-0.842inch
US 12.52968.5mm-2.70inch21.79mm-0.858inch
US 133069.7mm-2.75inch22.20mm-0.874inch
US 13.53171mm-2.80 inch22.61mm-0.890inch
US 1432-3372.3mm-2.85inch23.01mm-0.906inch
US 14.5 73.6mm-2.90inch23.42mm-0.922inch